Do We Get More Tanned Abroad?

17 July 2018, 16:01 | Updated: 17 July 2018, 16:37

Picture: PA

Mystery Hour Question

Question: Why is it that when we go abroad we get a more golden tan than in the UK? Jason from Pimlico.


Name: Pavez, Birmingham.

Qualification: Doctor (anaesthetist).

Answer: Tan is produced by melanin which is the pigment in your skin.

The first reaction that the increase of UV light in hotter countries produces is to oxidise the melanin.

Answer 2:

Name: Incorrigible FCA, Twitter.

Qualification: Knowledgeable Tweeter.

Answer: The atmosphere is thinner as you get closer to the equator meaning that more UV light can cause the melanin responds.

Answer 3:

Name: Richard, Watford.

Answer: It depends where the place is in relation to the height of country and planet.

You get different amount of UV depending on how near it is to the equator.