Call the Cabinet with Kwasi Kwarteng | Watch Again

16 July 2021, 16:40 | Updated: 19 July 2021, 10:01

Nick Ferrari will be joined by Business Secretary Kwasi Kwarteng for Call the Cabinet. Watch live from 9am.

Call the Cabinet gives LBC listeners the chance to regularly put their questions directly to a senior member of the Cabinet, live on national radio.

Previously, Nick has been joined for Call the Cabinet by International Trade Secretary Liz Truss.

A different senior member of the government will regularly go head-to-head with LBC’s listeners on the big issues that matter to them, with no topic off-limits.

Call the Cabinet with Kwasi Kwarteng is live on Monday from 9am and you can watch the action live from the LBC studio on Global Player, Facebook, Twitter and Youtube.