'Who runs Britain?': Nick Ferrari slams 'lefty lawyers' for 'holding UK hostage'

16 June 2022, 18:54 | Updated: 16 June 2022, 20:05

By Emma Soteriou

Nick Ferrari has criticised 'lefty lawyers' and protesters for 'holding the UK Government hostage' over Rwanda migrant plans.

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The first deportation flight to Rwanda was grounded earlier in the week after the European Court of Human Rights granted injunctions for all seven passengers mere minutes before take off.

Priti Patel continues to push through in a bid to get the fresh migrant policy under way.

Opening the second episode of LBC's The Agenda, Nick said: "Campaigners, lawyers and Labour are muttering [the policy] is shameful and unlawful.

"What they fail to mention is the policy enjoys considerable public support in the polls.

"But hang on a moment, our sovereign nation's due legal processes being trumped by an unknown, unaccountable European body?

"The Government of police held hostage by lefty lawyers and crusties lying in the middle of the road?

"Do we control our borders? Just who runs this country? Judges in Strasbourg - aided by the usual suspects - or a Government elected by the British people."

The European Court of Human Rights is separate to the European Union - created after the Second World War to protect human rights at an international level.

Boris Johnson refused to rule out completely leaving the treaty on Wednesday, with Downing Street saying "all options are on the table" following the intervention.

It came as the British courts gave the flight the green light, despite several legal challenges.

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Shadow foreign secretary David Lammy argued that "loads" can be done as an alternative to shipping people off to Rwanda with a one-way ticket.

"The first thing is you've got to deal with the criminal gangs – that means intelligence, it means policing, it means absolutely working with France, with Belgium, with Europol…all that's not happening because Priti Patel hasn't got a relationship with France," said David.

"The second thing you need to do is deal with the backlog.

"You can't get a passport, if you get into Heathrow the queues are through the roof and asylum claims at the moment…you're waiting five years. You've got to deal with the backlog.

"In the end, this situation is solved with graft, with guile, with diligence, with hard work… it's not solved by yet another row with Europe. How does that fix it?

"And by the way, on the Government scheme they're not saying everyone crossing the channel is going to Rwanda, they're saying about 25%. So what is the point?"

He later compared the dispute to Brexit saying: "I'm sorry, this is clear, 'let's have another row with Europe - the courts will hold this up - let's rerun Brexit, let's keep rerunning Brexit'…it's like Groundhog Day week after week, month after month, but the truth is how is this going to fix cost of living? It doesn't fix any of these problems."