'Worst hypocrisy in modern politics!': Keir Starmer blasted by Rachel Johnson over partygate

8 May 2022, 20:40

Keir Starmer blasted by Rachel Johnson over partygate
'Worst hypocrisy in modern politics!': Keir Starmer blasted by Rachel Johnson over partygate. Picture: Alamy/LBC

By James Bickerton

Sir Keir Starmer has been accused of "the most egregious example" of hypocrisy "in modern politics" over his call for Boris Johnson to resign over partygate.

The claim was made by journalist and author Rachel Johnson, after Durham police announced they are investigating an event attended by the Labour leader last year.

Sir Keir enjoyed beer and curry with colleagues, in what Labour insists was a "work visit" which complied with coronavirus rules.

If fined, as the Prime Minister was over his lockdown busting Downing Street birthday celebration, Sir Keir will likely face calls to resign.

Mrs Johnson said: "Those in glass houses shouldn't hurl stones from one end of the Commons to the other.

"Beer and curry night up in Durham is the most egregious example of pot and kettling I can recall in modern politics.

"Let's remember Sir Keir has been calling for the Prime Minister to resign repeatedly since January 31."

Mrs Johnson insisted the Prime Minister would not have wanted to break lockdown regulations.

She commented: "The last thing he wanted, whether he knew it was happening under his roof or not,  was any sort of gathering.

"And if he did attend any sort of gathering it was because he thought it would help the war effort and it was the stuff to give the troops.

"And he also thought it was, by and large, within the rules. See the wriggle room I gave myself there."

The police are still investigating a number of Downing Street events which might have breached Covid regulations, some of which were attended by the Prime Minister.

As a result Mr Johnson could face more fines, further increasing the political pressure.