Gabby Logan blasts 'absolutely criminal' lack of menopause training at some medical schools

1 May 2022, 21:19 | Updated: 1 May 2022, 21:24

By James Bickerton

BBC presenter Gabby Logan argues all UK medical schools need to get "fully up to speed" on training about the menopause.

Appearing on Rachel Johnson's LBC show, the former gymnast said some women are having to speak to GPs who don't "know what you're going through".

She said: "40% of the medical schools' curriculums don't address menopause.

"You'll have doctors in this country who will never have a day of menopause training in their curriculum.

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"The idea is to get all the medical schools, all the curriculums, fully up to speed so there is at least some talk of menopause on the curriculum.

"The idea of someone going into see a GP, and that GP's never had any experience or training about the menopause other than anything anecdotal, it's absolutely criminal that you go and speak to somebody who doesn't know what you're going through."

Ms Logan also described the problems going through the menopause can cause families, stating: "So many people's marriages and relationships - because of what happens to the woman - they break up and they don't need to."