UK 'leads the charge' in demonising trans people, Natasha Devon declares

7 February 2022, 16:53 | Updated: 7 February 2022, 16:58

By Seán Hickey

This is Natasha Devon's powerful criticism of the UK's treatment of the LGBT community amid reports Britain is 'moving backwards' on LGBTQI+ rights.

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The Council of Europe has approved a report which condemns the UK along with Turkey, Poland, Hungary and Russia for "extensive and often virulent attacks" on the LGBTQIA+ community.

The report singles out the UK for the growth of "anti-trans" narratives coming to prominence in the media, which "deliberately mischaracterise" rights as "gender ideology".

"The UK is moving backwards in terms of LGBTQ equality" Natasha Devon declared, pointing out that many promises to the community have been "reneged on by Johnson's cabinet."

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She added that groups advocating for conversion therapy, which she defined as "the act of torturing LGBTQ people", have risen to prominence in recent years.

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"Did you know outside the UK we are known as the transphobia capital of the world? We're often referred to as TERF island."

Natasha was scathing in her criticism of the UK's treatment of the trans community: "We lead the charge globally in demonising and misrepresenting trans people."

She hit out at women's rights groups who "never talk about women's safety in any other context other than when it's an opportunity to bash trans people", warning that "this does not and will not stop with trans people."

"This moral panic that has been whipped up around trans people is a chink in the armour of human rights."