Natasha Devon takes on storm-deniers 'genital measuring' and ignoring warnings

19 February 2022, 19:57

By Tim Dodd

Natasha Devon has said that those who "refused to accept that Covid could kill or harm them" are the same people who refused to accept the risk posed by Storm Eunice.

It comes as fresh weather warnings for wind have been issued across most of the UK as about 190,000 people remain without power from Storm Eunice. 

This is down from the estimated 449,000 who still had no power on Saturday morning after the storm battered the UK with record-breaking winds on Friday.

Natasha told listeners: "It is somewhat surprising that the knee jerk reaction from some quarters, and they are the quarters that you'd perhaps expect, has been to deny that Storm Eunice is a threat and to suggest that the advice to stay home is an affront to our freedoms and human rights."

Natasha gave the examples of the tweets of TV presenter Neil Oliver, author James Melville, and politician George Galloway.

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"It's hard to work out if they're actually talking about the storm, or if they're using Eunice as an analogy to reinforce their views about public health measures against Covid," she continued.

"It does seem that lots of people who refused to accept that Covid could kill or harm them also seem to be refusing the exact same premise with regards to 122mph winds.

"It seems to have caused what I can only describe as some kind of genital-measuring exercise on social media, with mainly men lining up to boast about how they went up ladders and onto roofs, in contravention of the safety advice."