'Two fingers to Brussels' is 'tangible' Brexit benefit, Edwina Currie declares

3 January 2022, 11:51 | Updated: 3 January 2022, 13:50

By Seán Hickey

The former Conservative MP listed what she believes to be clear benefits of the UK leaving the European Union.

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"What are the tangible benefits of Brexit so far?" Matt Frei asked Edwina Currie during a conversation on Boris Johnson's tenure as Prime Minister.

"Freedom", the former Health Minister said, after being pushed to answer the question directly by Matt.

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"Freedom to do what?" He pushed.

"Two fingers to Brussels. It's fabulous."

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"You're expecting a magic wand" she told Matt, adding that "these things take time to work through."

Ms Currie believed that thanks to Brexit, "we can take our own decisions, we can make up our own minds."

When Ms Curie argued that the UK is "doing far more trade now with countries outside Europe", Matt stopped the former MP.

"I don't think the numbers stack up. Our decline [in] trade with the European Union far outweighs the benefits of any trade negotiations – trade deals – we've struck with Japan and so on."