Ring Rishi with Iain Dale | Watch again

23 March 2022, 20:08 | Updated: 23 March 2022, 20:14

You can watch Chancellor Rishi Sunak's phone-in with Iain Dale in full here.

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After Rishi Sunak announced his Spring statement on Monday afternoon, Iain Dale was joined by the Chancellor for an LBC exclusive phone-in.

Mr Sunak insisted during the show that he can relate to those struggling amid the cost of living crisis despite being the richest MP in parliament, telling listeners to "judge me by my actions".

He also heard the heart-wrenching stories of LBC listeners, with one single mum asking what more she can do, given his Spring Statement doesn't help her "at all".

The Chancellor finally declared the government will donate all proceeds from Concert for Ukraine tickets to charity.

Watch Ring Rishi in full above.