Owen Jones demands 'collective struggle' against institutional racism

16 November 2021, 21:55 | Updated: 16 November 2021, 22:23

By Seán Hickey

The columnist insists that institutional racism is 'engrained' in the fabric of British society and requires a drastic solution.

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Former Yorkshire cricketer Azeem Rafiq shook the nation today after a series of disturbing revelations on institutional racism in the cricket world.

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On tonight's Cross Question, Iain Dale put the first question, relating to the institutional racism allegations made by Mr Rafiq, to Guardian columnist and author Owen Jones.

"The testimony was horrific, absolutely horrific," Mr Jones admitted, going further and commending the cricketer for his bravery.

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"It's was so courageous for him to speak out about brutal, vicious experiences of institutionalised, systemic racism in British cricket."

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He stressed that "it's so important to talk about systemic racism" and the UK must take note of Mr Rafiq's statements.

The columnist then went further to criticise the findings of the Sewell report: "Months ago people of this country felt gaslit...by the British government who published a report essentially denying systemic racism."

"Racism I'm afraid, is engrained in the very fabric of British society and it needs a collective struggle."

He concluded by telling LBC listeners that any struggle "needs white people to be allies, to listen, not to gaslight people of colour – to listen to their experiences and to fight against that on a systemic level."