Iain Dale takes on 'Russian sympathiser' who believes 'random YouTubers' over journalists

27 April 2022, 13:27 | Updated: 27 April 2022, 13:30

By Tim Dodd

This was Iain Dale's intense conversation with a caller who he branded a "Russian sympathiser" for claiming that reports of weapons being sent to Ukraine are "mostly propaganda".

It comes as Russia has threatened to strike British targets in Nato territory because it is supplying weapons to Ukraine and supporting its raids against Putin's army.

Caller Sebastian told Iain Dale: "We might be winning the information war within our own echo chambers, but the reality is on the ground the Russians have absolutely cleaned up. They've got superior firepower, and their strategy hasn't been to occupy, it's really been to encircle and wait it out."

Sebastian claimed that "none" of the weapons being sent to Ukraine are getting through to the country and reports of it are "mostly propaganda".

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"How do you know that?" Iain asked.

"Well, I don't live in the echo chamber, let's just say that," Sebastian said.

"Alright, well where do you live then?" Iain replied.

"There's different ways to get this information," Sebastian said.

"You can rely on mainstream sources or you have your own sources who are on the ground over there who tell you what's going on in real time.

"There's different journalists as well which are covered on open source channels like YouTube for example, who are very well known people who also give their own account of it."

Iain later accused Sebastian of being a "clear Russian sympathiser".

"You are promulgating Russian propaganda, which about five times during this call I've wondered whether I should continue with it, but I have because I think it's important that people realise there are people like you who are quite happy to promulgate enemy propaganda!"

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