ECHR 'no longer fit for purpose' after blocking Rwanda flight, Richard Tice says

15 June 2022, 19:45

By Seán Hickey

The UK should 'have trust and confidence' in domestic law 'as an independent, sovereign nation' and leave the ECHR, the head of Reform UK says.

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Priti Patel expressed disappointment today after the first deportation flight to Rwanda was halted by the European Court of Human Rights.

The court – which is not an extension of the European Union and has Winston Churchill, among others, to thank for it's foundation – cited concerns over the treatment of the asylum seekers on board the plane and thus called a halt to proceedings.

"Many people up and down the land will be astonished that our highly trusted legal system...was stopped and overturned by a court in Strasbourg", Richard Tice told Iain Dale.

The former Deputy Leader of UKIP argued that "millions will now say this court is now no longer fit for purpose", stating that "the world's moved on" since the Court's formation.

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"We should, as an independent, sovereign nation, have trust and confidence in the quality of our own legal system."

Iain pointed out that the only other countries on the continent not part of the ECHR are Russia and Belarus, asking if the UK really wants to join that club.

"We can lead the way" Mr Tice claimed.

He went on to criticise the work of the Court, asking whether "they really looked at this in the same depth and quality" as judges in British courts.

"Forget the technicalities" he said, before concluding "the policy of the government of the day has been thwarted" and there must be a reaction.