Beergate vs. Partygate: Tory and Labour MPs go toe-to-toe defending leaders

10 May 2022, 21:58

By Seán Hickey

This is the moment two MPs clashed over their respective leaders' responses to the apparent breaking of lockdown rules.

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Iain Dale was joined by Labour MP Christian Wakeford and Conservative MP Richard Holden on Cross Question, where the conversation turned to Beergate.

Mr Wakeford reminded listeners that Sir Keir Starmer has repeatedly asserted that no rules were broken during a break from work where curry and beer was taken by himself and Labour staffers in Durham.

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The Labour MP went on to state that because the Labour leader has pledged to resign if given a fixed penalty notice, "it's clear that Keir holds himself to higher standards."

"Actually, I don't understand what standard he's holding himself to" Richard Holden interrupted.

The conversation got heated when Mr Wakeford then asked if Sir Keir's pledge means Boris Johnson should reconsider his position after being dealt with a fine himself, with several investigations into potential rule-breaking still underway.

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"The Prime Minister has paid the price; he's paid the fine and apologised to the house."

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Mr Holden went on to state that Sir Keir "set himself a different standard" when calling for Rishi Sunak and Boris Johnson to resign for being investigated for breaking their own Covid rules, and because Sir Keir is now "changing his position" it doesn't look good.

"He won't stick to what he holds other people accountable for."

Iain interrupted the row briefly to ask Mr Holden whether Sir Keir's position "puts enormous pressure on the Prime Minister to follow suit".

"I won't speculate on an ongoing police investigation" the Tory MP stated.