Darren Adam shocked by caller's reaction to school meals U-turn

17 June 2020, 10:49

By Thomas Danielian

Darren Adam was left lost for words when this caller said he was disappointed by the government's schools meals U-turn, fearing it could affect his state pension.

Mike in Perth also said he was suspicious of why so many people qualified for free school meals suggesting people were using them when they did not require them.

"They have Sky TV and they have massive contracts for mobiles phones, how do they qualify?" he asked.

Darren rebutted Mike by asking him how many people he thought had found a loophole and why he was worried. Mike replied that he had been hearing that the triple lock on pensions was under threat due to the pandemic.

"it looks like us poor pensioners are going to have to subsidise the likes of this," Mike said of the school meals plan.

Darren's caller had a unusual take on the free school meals story
Darren's caller had a unusual take on the free school meals story. Picture: PA

Darren told him the two were separate issues, insisting: "If you lose the triple lock it is nothing to do with free school meals for 1.3m children."

Mike said: "They're just trying to save money. Why are they trying to save money? Because they are giving school meals to children."

Darren interjected that it was not true and challenged him as to why he saw a link. Mike stated the money had to be found from somewhere, but Darren reminded him that they don't even share the same budget.

Mike ended up saying he was a terrible person which Darren flatly refused to let him believe.

This all comes on the back of the government's U-turn over free school meals after the footballer Marcus Rashford led a campaign to keep free school meals for the most vulnerable children in society.

The Government had planned to cut the scheme but bowed to wide public pressure and renewed the plan.