Carrie Johnson has 'destabilised government', PM's biographer says

5 February 2022, 12:27

By Seán Hickey

Boris Johnson has been influenced by his wife to 'take decisions he shouldn't have done', leading to his downfall, investigative journalist Tom Bower claims.

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As the Prime Minister fights fires across his government and advisory teams, revelations have emerged claiming that his wife Carrie Johnson is holding him back from managing the country effectively.

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Investigative journalist and political biographer Tom Bower joined Camilla Tominey to assess the claims. He began by arguing that "it all went wrong when his [ex-]wife Marina walked out", painting her as a stable figure in Boris Johnson's life.

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"She has interfered, she has destabilised the government" he added.

Camilla took exception to Mr Bower's comments, wondering "in what way is [Carrie] responsible for Boris Johnson's behaviour?"

"She has interfered in a way in which she has made him take decisions he shouldn't have done" the journalist claimed.

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"He has always relied on his wife and his mistress and in Carrie he had the two and it hasn't worked."

Mr Bower added that "insiders do tell us it's a terrible relationship" between the Prime Minister and his wife, suggesting Mrs Johnson had deprived the PM of sleep when their son was a newborn.

The journalist added that the redecoration of Downing Street was yet another mistake of Mrs Johnson which the PM took the fall for.

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"It was reckless, it was inexcusable."

Mr Bower called Mrs Johnson a "political clot". "She thinks she knows about politics, Carrie Johnson – she doesn't."