Camilla Tominey stumped by columnist's claims on Salisbury poisonings and Ukraine

20 February 2022, 18:17

By Tim Dodd

This was the moment columnist Mary Dejevsky told Camilla Tominey that the Salisbury poisonings were a "triumph of British obfuscation" and that Western leaders are trying to "trick Russia into invading Ukraine".

It comes as the Prime Minister has warned Russia's plan to invade Ukraine would lead to the largest conflict in Europe since the Second World War. 

"What box do you put the Salisbury poisonings in?" Camilla asked Ms Dejevsky, who is a columnist for the Independent and former Moscow Correspondent for The Times.

"The Salisbury poisonings, to my mind, is an absolute triumph of British obfuscation," she replied.

"What?" Camilla said.

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Ms Dejevsky continued: "There's not been an inquiry, there's not been an inquest."

Camilla interrupted: "Come on now. Somebody died in this. That was an act of extraordinary Russian aggression wasn't it, against the UK?"

"We don't know what it was because the British have never come clean about it," Ms Dejevsky said.

"We don't know whether it was Russians, whether it came with authority.

"It seems to me that what Western leaders are doing is trying to goad Russia, trying to trick Russia into invading Ukraine so that they can bring the whole might of the sanctions machine against Russia."

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