Cost of living crisis: Labour MP grilled on Warm Home Discount

22 January 2022, 16:34

By Seán Hickey

The Shadow Exchequer Secretary repeatedly refuses to tell Andrew Pierce how much the Warm Home Discount is currently.

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Labour MP Abena Oppong-Asare joined Andrew Pierce to discuss the impending cost of living crisis, as tax hikes are set to coincide with rising energy and food costs.

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The Shadow Exchequer Secretary to the Treasury told LBC that one of the key things Labour would do to soften the blow on families would be to boost the Warm Home Discount. Andrew wondered what it would be increased by, from the initial amount of up to £140 over the winter period.

"Our plan would essentially save households from about £200 to £600 for those most in need" Ms Oppong-Asare declared, falling short of saying what the current amount is.

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She insisted that Labour's proposals would bring "more targeted support to those really affected."

Andrew asked a second time: "You said you were going to increase it, so tell us what is it going to go up from, to?"

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"Those who need targeted support are the ones who are going to get the support" the Labour MP reiterated.

"I still don't know what you're doing about the warm homes discount scheme?" Andrew said. "I think I've been very clear" Ms Oppong-Assare replied.

"I've asked you three times, you're going to increase it from what, to what?" A disgruntled Andrew repeated. The Shadow Exchequer Secretary repeated her previous comments.

"So you don't know what the figure is?" Andrew cut across her.

"The thing you really want to know is 'how is this going to be costed?'" She wondered, before Andrew repeated his question for a fourth time.

Ms Oppong-Assare told Andrew Labour would "increase the size of the rebate by £400", dodging his question for a final time.