Andrew Marr: Voters have the ball at their feet ahead of local elections

4 May 2022, 18:13

By Emma Soteriou

Voters have the ball at their feet on issues that matter most ahead of local elections, Andrew Marr has said.

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Opening LBC's Tonight with Andrew Marr, the presenter said the focus had finally turned to "what normal voters want to hear", with the cost of living crisis dominating conversations in the lead up to election day.

He explained: "The political class, the MPs, the commentators, don't have the initiative. As of this evening, you do.

"And because of that - the other great thing about elections is - everybody suddenly has to start talking about what normal voters want to hear.

"This year, that means the price of fuel and of food, and how people can pay their bills.

"So today, we’re kicking the politicians off the show, and focusing on folk who know whereof they speak."

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It came after Andrew spoke of what was in store for the elections taking place on Thursday.

"I love elections," he said. "Some people say these local ones don't count so much – only a third of seats are up across most of England; there are lots of very specific local issues; it's the mid-term yadda yadda yadda… don't care.

"Millions of normal people - LBC listeners - from London to Scotland, from rural Wales to the centre of Belfast, are going out tomorrow to put an X against the name of somebody else who's decided that, despite everything, they want to be part of the country's great democratic debates.

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"And then all those little Xs are going to be totted up, and national politics will change as a result.

"How? I don't know. It's Wednesday.

"But by the weekend, we’ll have got the message.

"And that's kind of the point."