Andrew Marr: True blue Brexit believers are on the back foot

4 July 2022, 18:22

By Lauren Lewis

True blue Brexit believers are on the back foot, Andrew Marr has said.

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Opening LBC's Tonight with Andrew Marr, the presenter addressed opinions on how Brexit has gone after a YouGov poll revealed 61 per cent of people think the government has handled Brexit badly.

"Another recent poll asks how well Brexit has gone and 54 per cent said 'fairly' or 'very badly', just 2 per cent said 'very well," Andrew said.

"Brexiteers are, it seems, are blaming anyone but themselves. Suella Braverman said Brexit is being wrecked by pro-EU civil servants. People the Sun today calls 'the new enemy within'.

"Others blame the BBC or the EU itself, or Labour, even though it's out of power. Interestingly, there are Tories who blame Boris Johnson for not having sufficient grip."

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Andrew continued: "The Labour leader Keir Starmer finally laying out his policy towards the EU after Brexit. This is of massive concern to the Tories as they contemplate the possibility to losing power in due course, perhaps to a Lib-Lab coalition government.

"There are few more powerful voices on the right of politics than the veteran Sun columnist Trevor Kavanagh and today he warns the prime minister to get a grip, or it's the end of the Tories.

"Worried about Tony Blair's influence in the background, he says a Labour alliance with the Lib Dems would mean scrapping our voting system, a dagger aimed at the heart of the Conservative Party and Brexit.

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"Trevor finishes: 'It is a lethal recipe for perpetual coalition and the end of the Tories as the most successful political party in UK history.'

"These are arguments you're going to hear up to and during the next election campaign, whenever it comes, and whoever is leading the Conservative Party by then."

He added: "The Chris Pincher sex pest scandal isn't, to be honest, the biggest story of the year, but it's piling new pressure on the prime minister and that has the effect on his future, on voters, and one day, perhaps, on our relationship with the EU.

"This is politics, and everything connects."