Tory MP: 'I can't see how MPs can be bullied these days'

23 January 2022, 09:43

By Seán Hickey

A senior Tory tells LBC that MPs should tell whips 'to get lost' if they feel bullied, amid accusations of Islamophobia within the Conservatives.

Tory MP Nusrat Ghani claimed that she was told by a Tory whip she lost her ministerial role because of her Muslim faith, triggering fresh controversy for the government.

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Andrew Castle was joined by Colonel Bob Stewart to talk about the Ukraine-Russia border crisis, when he asked the Tory MP about the fresh controversy.

"Have you ever been bullied by conservative whips and if so, is that wrong? Do you see bullying from whips that steps over the line?"

"No one's ever tried to bully me" Colonel Stewart declared.

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He added that whips are "friends to help in times of trouble" and the thought that they are bullies is unfathomable.

Colonel Stewart went on to note that aggression from whips may have happened in years gone by, but times have changed.

"The old days you might have had that...I can't see how any member of parliament can be bullied these days.

The Tory MP concluded by offering advice to anyone unhappy with the conduct of whips: "Just tell them to get lost if they try that sort of thing!"