Kwasi Kwarteng has refused to rule himself out of a leadership contest

Business Sec refuses to rule himself out of Tory leadership race if PM loses vote

Boris Johnson faces a confidence vote this evening

Iain Dale's analysis: Tory infighting must stop if they want a chance at the next election

Nadine Dorries took aim at Jeremy Hunt

Tory infighting erupts as Nadine Dorries attacks 'duplicitous' Jeremy Hunt

Sir Keir said this is the beginning of the end for Boris Johnson

'This is the beginning of the end for Boris' says Starmer ahead of confidence vote tonight

Boris Johnson is facing a confidence vote tonight, Sir Graham Brady confirmed. Jeremy Hunt (bottom right) is to vote against the PM

Tory MPs vote to decide Boris Johnson’s future as PM says 'I’ll lead you to victory again'

Boris Johnson said it would not be “responsible right now" to quit as PM

'He's winging it': Mumsnet CEO suggests Boris is not 'qualified' to be PM

Public don't want 'Westminster naval-gazing' Tory leadership contest, says Raab

Public don't want 'Westminster navel-gazing' Tory leadership contest, says Raab

Boris Johnson has claimed his partygate fine "did not breach" the Ministerial Code as there was "no intent to break the law".

Boris insists he did not break ministerial code as Lord Geidt questions his Partygate fine

Conservative MPs Andrew Bridgen (top right) and Jeremy Wright (bottom right) have called for Boris Johnson to resign.

Boris' battle for survival as 3 Tories call for PM to quit over 'corrosive' No10 culture

Boris Johnson is facing fresh Partygate allegations

'Boris and Carrie celebrated PM’s birthday with several friends in No10 flat' Labour claim

Boris Johnson is expected to make a number of changes as part of the UK's departure from the EU

Return of pounds and ounces and crown symbols on pint glasses as PM 'tears up EU rules'

'I'll do what is necessary': David Davis hints he's submitted no confidence letter in PM

'I'll do what is necessary': David Davis hints he's submitted no confidence letter in PM

Labour are calling for a vote on Boris Johnson's decision to change the ministerial code

Labour call for a vote on Boris Johnson's decision to 'water down' ministerial code

Nadine Dorries shared the clip with her 1,900 TikTok followers

Nadine Dorries raps in viral TikTok clip with 'mic drop' to explain Online Safety Bill

Suella Braverman has said schools do not need to let trans students use their preferred toilets or their preferred pronouns

Teachers shouldn't accomodate trans students' wishes and must take 'firmer line', says AG

Fears have been raised that the chancellors 'big expensive' £15bn cost-of-living package will have minimal impact

Fears Sunak's £15bn will have 'minimal impact' as rich urged to donate £400 Govt handout

Angela Rayner hit out at Boris Johnson over changes to the code

Boris accused of 'watering down' ministerial code and 'saving his own skin'

Rishi Sunak has urged wealthy individuals to donate their £400 energy rebate to charity.

Sunak urges rich to give £400 to charity as he defends giving second-home owners payout