General Election: Senior Lib Dem admits Brexit is now going ahead

13 December 2019, 01:45

The leader of the Liberal Democrats in the House of Lords has admitted defeat in their attempt to stop Brexit.

Lord Newby said that his party will have no way to stop the UK leaving the EU if the Conservatives win the huge majority that they are expected to win.

But he warned that the public will soon become disillusioned as a free trade agreement will not be easy for Boris Johnson to agree.

Speaking on Britain Decides, LBC's election night programme, the Lib Dem peer said: "We're not going to be able to stop Brexit. Brexit is going ahead.

"The idea that it will be smooth is for the birds. I think we in for a long period of uncertainty.

Lord Newby admits Brexit will now happen
Lord Newby admits Brexit will now happen. Picture: PA / LBC

"There's no doubt that the majority of the country is sick to death of Brexit and believed Boris when he said it was all going to be over in a couple of weeks if he won the election.

"I think they will be very disillusioned in the end."

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