Shelagh Fogarty clashes with caller who defends Rebel Wilson's 'outing'

13 June 2022, 17:08 | Updated: 13 June 2022, 17:10

By James Bickerton

Shelagh Fogarty clashed with a caller who said Australian actress Rebel Wilson should "find a different career" if she wants to keep her private life out of the papers.

On Friday Ms Wilson announced she is in a same-sex relationship with fashion designer Ramona Agruma.

The following day the Sydney Morning Herald said it had been aware of the relationship, and approached the comic actress for comment on Thursday with a two day deadline.

This sparked outrage with critics accusing the paper of putting pressure on Ms Wilson to come out publicly, though it denies 'outing' her.

Appearing on LBC a caller, James, argued this is simply part of being a public figure.

Speaking to Shelagh James said: "If you're a celebrity that's part of it.

"Hugh Grant for example, he was caught with the prostitute, that went all over the newspaper.

"Part of your life you have to give up to be in that role. If you don't want to do that find a different career!"

Shelagh hit back at the caller commenting: "You're a bit envious, aren't you?

"You're splitting the respect and decency that people deserve on the grounds of how much money they've got."

The caller went on to blame Ms Wilson for the leak, arguing the comic actress should be more careful about who she trusts.

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He said: "If you tell someone something and they sell it to a paper, don't tell people things you don't want them to know.

"Choose your friends carefully. If you don't trust someone, don't tell them something."

Shelagh again disagreed, asking the caller: "Has a friend ever let you down?"

He replied: "Yes, but not to that level."

Shelagh shot back stating: "That's because you're not rich and famous James and it really bothers you!"

The Sydney Morning Herald has admitted it made errors over its treatment of Ms Wilson.

Editor Bevan Shields tweeted: "The Herald made mistakes over Rebel Wilson, and will learn from them."

He insisted his paper had not "outed" Ms Wilson, but “simply asked questions and as standard practice included a deadline for a response".

Rafael Epstein, an ABC radio host, blasted the statement as "disingenuous".

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