James O'Brien blasts Rwanda refugee scheme for appealing to 'vile racists'

13 June 2022, 13:00

By James Bickerton

Boris Johnson is trying to appeal to "vile racists who love the idea of desperate foreigners being treated appallingly" with his Rwandan refugee plan, according to James O'Brien.

The Government has signed a deal to send refugees who cross the English Channel to Rwanda, where they can apply for asylum.

However even if their refugee status is confirmed they won't be able to return to the UK, and will instead remain in the central African country.

Speaking on his LBC show James argued the policy is deliberately designed to be sadistic.

He said: "I content, because the cruelty is the point of the whole policy, there's no point shouting about it, there's no point wringing your hands.

"However disgusted you are, however angry you are, however ashamed you are, that's the point.

"Not only is it designed to appease vile racists who love the idea of desperate foreigners being treated appallingly, it's also designed to prompt your tears.

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"It is literally designed to make you gnash your teeth and wail so that these people, who love the idea of desperate foreigners being treated appallingly, not only get the hit of seeing Afghan refugees deported to a country they may never have heard of before, they also get to see all the lefty handwringing remoaners having a fit of the vapers."

The first removal flight to Rwanda is due to leave on Tuesday, though it must first overcome a legal challenge at the High Court.

James suggested the Rwanda scheme isn't primarily aimed at stopping Channel crossings, but rather at exploiting a new culture war issue.

He commented: "It's not really designed to address the described problem, this scheme.

"It's designed to create legal battles that allow dishonest journalists to talk about 'lefty lawyers'."

Home Secretary Priti Patel has defended her Rwandan refugee plan.

She said: "Rwanda is a safe country and has previously been recognised for providing a safe haven for refugees.

"We will continue preparations for the first flight to Rwanda, alongside the range of other measures intended to reduce small boat crossings."

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