'Nothing is forgotten': Klitschko shares 'horrifying' scenes of rape and murder in Ukraine

5 May 2022, 08:52 | Updated: 5 May 2022, 09:10

By Sophie Barnett

Former boxing champion Wladimir Klitschko has detailed shocking scenes of "murder, rape and torture" by Russian forces in Ukraine as he warned "nothing is forgotten" in an exclusive LBC interview.

Mr Klitschko told LBC's Nick Ferrari at Breakfast he is "proud" of Ukraine and its fight, following 71 days of "senseless" and "horrific" violence from Vladimir Putin's forces.

The Ukrainian former boxer shared shocking details of "endless" bodies being left on the streets of Bucha for 10 days and warned "nothing is forgotten, nobody is forgotten".

He described the war as "brutal" and said it is hard to describe in words how much suffering Ukrainian people have been subjected to.

"Russian propaganda claims Ukrainians and Ukraine is a mistake of the history, basically, they need Ukraine, but not Ukrainians," said the 46-year-old.

"This is exactly what is happening with the genocide of the Ukrainian population, murdering, raping, those images that I have seen in Bucha, right when the Russian forces left, are horrifying.

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Wladimir Klitschko has spoken to LBC about the "horrifying" scenes in Ukraine.
Wladimir Klitschko has spoken to LBC about the "horrifying" scenes in Ukraine. Picture: LBC

"The torture of dead bodies, of the civilians, teenagers, women, men, elderly, it's just horrifying that a human can do that to another human."

His comments come as the brutality in Ukraine continues, with Russian forces storming the steelworks in Mariupol, where hundreds of Ukrainians are taking refuge.

Rescue efforts have continued in the port city, with more than 300 civilians evacuated from the steel plant on Wednesday.

It comes as Russia's military said it would open humanitarian corridors for the next three days, allowing civilians to leave the facility.

Asked about the horrific scenes in his home country, Mr Klitschko said cars have been "flattened by tanks" and even fired at, Mr Klitschko said.

"The holes of the bullets on the cars, cars which had signs that said children were inside, and just the brutality of Russian military forces, it's just horrible.

"The images, the smell, destruction."

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The remains of a Russian Army armoured column in Bucha.
The remains of a Russian Army armoured column in Bucha. Picture: Alamy

He said the "world cannot look away and be silent", warning: "If you are silent and you are looking away you are part of it, and blood is on your hands too."

Mr Klitschko said he is "proud" to be Ukrainian and he his proud of his country and those fighting bravely on the frontlines, with women taking their children to safety before returning to defend their land.

He said "actors, lawyers, artists, different positions in society and jobs, and professions" have taken up arms in the military.

"Standing in arms and defending the country deserves so much respect and love," he said.

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Ukrainians flee the Azovstal plant.
Ukrainians flee the Azovstal plant. Picture: Getty

Mr Klitschko went on to say that "to start this war you have to be mad", as he criticised Vladimir Putin's barbaric regime.

"Behind every killing, murdering, torturing, raping is [the] first and last name of the person who executed, and of the person who ordered.

"We know pretty much all the names and justice will occur. Nothing is forgotten, nobody is forgotten."

He added that he is "really impressed" with statements by Boris Johnson as well as Great Britain, as he thanked the support of the British people.