Tory MP caught out after blundering Asda own brand answer

6 May 2022, 07:53 | Updated: 6 May 2022, 09:10

By Megan Hinton

A Tory MP became confused after he was grilled by Nick Ferrari on when he last bought a supermarket own brand item.

Robert Jenrick was caught out after wrongly claiming he last bought an Asda own brand product just five hours ago, from a supermarket which was not open.

Speaking on Nick Ferrari at Breakfast the Conservative MP said he last purchased own brand products from the Asda in Newark at 2am, but the supermarket closes at 11pm.

During the interview Mr Jenrick said it would be "it would be foolish" if you did not purchase cheaper own brand foods telling Nick: "Well I was in Asda in Newark about five hours ago, shopping, so I brought stuff there and then drove down to London to do this interview."

But when Nick pointed out that he would have been doing his shopping at 2am Mr Jenrick quickly backtracked saying: "Well funnily... Well you picked me up correctly, I was there at about five o'clock [yesterday]. "

He said he had "slightly lost track of time" and incorrectly insisted the supermarket was open 24hours a day.

A spokesperson from Asda in Newark has confirmed to LBC that it is not a 24-hour store, as suggested by Robert Jenrick.

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LBC listeners were quick to Mock the MP's comments with Steve in Newark saying: I have got to jump in on this Asda is not 24hours and hasn’t been for years while it’s not the biggest lie in the world, it has to be said if you are trying to defend your government’s failure to protect people from the effects of the cost of living. It’s not a good idea to be caught out again."

Later on in the show, Co-Chairman of the Conservative Party Oliver Dowden, failed to answer how much a tin of beans cost, claiming: "I wouldn't know the price of a tin of beans, I will tell you why. I have never liked baked beans. I have never purchased a tin of baked beans in my entire life."

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It comes after Environment Secretary George Eustice suggested families struggling with the rising cost of food buy value brands rather than own-branded products so they can "contain and manage their household budget".

Speaking about Mr Eustice's comments, the Money Saving Expert told Andrew Marr: "What is wrong is the concept that the people that are on the lowest incomes who are choosing between whether they freeze or starve, don't know that and don't do that, that's the bulls***."

Whilst food poverty campaigner Jack Monroe echoed a similar message saying: "Somebody who claims £196,000 in expenses in a single year is in no position to tell other people to buy cheaper biscuits."