As it happened: Boris Johnson holds PMQs after criticism of Russia sanctions over Ukraine

23 February 2022, 11:46 | Updated: 23 February 2022, 18:34

By Will Taylor

Boris Johnson is due to take PMQs after coming under fire for the sanctions he applied on Russian banks and oligarchs.

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A total of five businesses and three wealthy individuals have had measures imposed against them - but some MPs have warned that Mr Johnson needed to go further.

With Western nations saying they believe it is likely the Kremlin will order its troops over the border to invade Ukraine, governments are looking into how they can deter Putin from moving in.

Britain has been among those helping equip Kiev's forces, sending anti-tank weapons, but its response to the Russian recognition of rebel break-away regions has been seen by some as comparatively mild.

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It has been compared to the German decision to halt certification of Nord Stream 2, the pipeline from Russia that would have allowed Moscow to apply more pressure on Ukraine, where much of its gas flows through already and where Kiev can charge high transit prices.

However, critics of the project will say Nord Stream 2 should never have got this far in the first place.

Earlier on Wednesday, foreign secretary Liz Truss claimed the sanctions applied on the banks and oligarchs are the UK's "toughest" yet.