Man, 63, killed fellow 93-year-old care home resident with a walking stick

4 November 2021, 15:14 | Updated: 4 November 2021, 15:29

Alexander Rawson killed Eileen Dean at Fieldside care home in London
Alexander Rawson killed Eileen Dean at Fieldside care home in London. Picture: Alamy/Metropolitan Police

By Daisy Stephens

A 63-year-old man has been found responsible for killing a fellow care home resident with a metal walking stick.

Alexander Rawson, who was deemed unable to enter a plea or stand trial at the Old Bailey because of his mental health condition, beat 93-year-old Eileen Dean with a metal walking stick in their care home in south east London.

Rawson did not attend court and was found responsible by a jury who listened to the evidence.

The court heard how Mrs Dean was beaten repeatedly with a metal walking stick causing severe injuries to her face, head and upper body.

Afterwards, Rawson phoned 999 in a state of distress and agitation, and said: "I think somebody's been killed and I don't know what's happening."

He went on to tell the operator: "I think I might have done something wrong."

Mrs Dean had suffered multiple fractures to facial bones and a traumatic brain injury, and died in hospital.

A blood-stained metal walking stick in her room had Rawson's fingerprint on it.

At the time of the attack, Mrs Dean had been self-isolating in her room as she recovered from Covid-19.

She had lived at the care home since June 2020 and was described by staff as "very calm, lovely and quiet".

Despite her age, she was independent and only required support for her personal care, jurors were told.

The attack happened just after midnight on January 4.

Rawson had previously spent months in hospital, sectioned under the Mental Health Act, before being moved to Fieldside care home in Catford.

He was diagnosed with two conditions related to alcohol abuse, which produce a number of symptoms including mental confusion, disorientation and amnesia.

Rawson was placed in the room at Fieldside, next door to Ms Dean, who suffered from dementia, on December 22 following a risk assessment.

After his placement he was in apparently in distress, and was believed to also be suffering dementia, as well as depression.

Shortly after 12.30am on January 4 - less than two weeks after his arrival - Rawson was seen on CCTV carrying his walking stick.

Five minutes later, he no longer had it and was in apparent distress.

He then made the 999 call.

Rawson will be sentenced at the Old Bailey on December 20.

LBC has approached Fieldside care home for a comment.