Londond Mum Faces Jail In Dubai Over "Horse" Comments On Facebook

8 April 2019, 11:06

Laleh Shahravesh, (right) pictured with her daughter Paris
Laleh Shahravesh, (right) pictured with her daughter Paris. Picture: Detained In Dubai

A mum from London is facing two years in jail in the United Arab Emirates after calling her ex-husbands new wife a “horse” on Facebook three years ago.

Laleh Shahravesh was visiting Dubai to attend her ex-husband's funeral, her 14 year old daughter Paris was also with her. The pair were arrested upon their arrival in the country, for cybercrime offences.

“We were married for 18 years after all. And Paris wanted to say goodbye to her father,” says Laleh. “We flew to Dubai where we were intending to stay for just five days, and were arrested immediately upon entry because Pedro’s new wife Samah had reported my old Facebook post to the police.”

Ms Shahravesh, said she had made the comments on the social media site as she was upset her ex-husband got remarried so quickly. Laleh said that she wrote: “I hope you go under the ground you idiot. Damn you. You left me for this horse.”

The 55 year old from Richmond was released on bail, but had her passport confiscated meaning she is unable to leave the country. Her daughter has been allowed to return home.

The campaign group Detained in Dubai say that she could face two years in prison and a £50,000 fine, despite the fact the Facebook posts were written while the mother-of-one was in the UK.

A Foreign Office spokesperson said that staff were supporting a British woman and her family following her detention in the UAE. "We are in contact with the UAE authorities regarding her case.”