WATCH: Huge Ice Block Falls From Sky And Almost Hits Street Cleaner

9 February 2018, 16:29 | Updated: 9 February 2018, 17:57

The astonishing moment a huge block of ice fell from the sky and landed just metres from a street cleaner has been caught on camera.

The incredible footage was captured on CCTV in North Road, Kew on Wednesday morning.

It shows the chunk of ice crashing to ground at speed before smashing into pieces.

The dramatic moment was caught on CCTV
Picture: Bloomfield Cars

It’s believed to have been caused by a plane flying overhead towards Heathrow.

Mos Sayed, who’s cameras recorded the dramatic moment, told Sky News: “When I watched the footage back I was shocked to see it was the size of a boulder.”

"It was enormous. It must have been about 20kg.

"It was like the film End Of Days or asteroids falling out of the sky.

“We should all be grateful no one was severely injured.”

About 30 ice falls are reported to aviation regulators in the UK each year.

It can be caused by leaks from planes or when ice forms on the outside of the aircraft at high altitude before breaking off in warmer air.