Irate pedestrian 'stamps' on elderly Insulate Britain activist's hand during protest

4 November 2021, 11:06

By Sophie Barnett

An Insulate Britain protester told LBC of her "shock" today claiming a passer-by "stamped" on her glued down hand during a demonstration outside Parliament.

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Marguerite, a female protester from Insulate Britain, said she was "stamped on" by a man who was walking past the protest on Thursday morning.

The eco group have been protesting between the Houses of Parliament and Parliament Square since around 9am - with traffic gridlocked in and around the area.

Marguerite told LBC she was "shocked" when the man assaulted her.

"He just said to me 'are you glued on' and then he just stamped on my hand," she explained.

"I mean it is shocking that people will do that sort of thing."

She was not left with any injuries following the incident, but said it is the shock which has upset her.

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"I think it's awful," she said of the man who allegedly assaulted her.

"You can have an opinion but you don't have to hurt somebody to express it."

Marguerite said the police were made aware of the assault, but claims they they were busy managing the protest to get involved.

She told LBC it is "worrying" that some people will go to those lengths to share their frustration towards the group.

Marguerite is one of around 50 protesters taking a stance outside Parliament today.

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They have split into two groups - one is blocking traffic between the Houses of Parliament and Parliament Square, and the other has glued down to the north of Westminster Bridge.

The Metropolitan Police are in attendance on what is believed to be the group's 18th day of protesting.

The latest protest follows recent demonstrations in Manchester and Birmingham, after the group took their campaign nationwide.