London weather: When is the nine-day mini heatwave?

3 May 2022, 13:16

Sunny park in London with green deck chairs
London is set to enjoy a nine-day mini heatwave. Picture: Getty

By Zoe Adams

The UK is set to face warm temperatures in May as a mini heatwave is forecast to arrive - here's how hot it will get and when we can expect it to arrive.

London will soon be enjoying warmer temperatures as forecasters have predicted most of the UK will be receiving a mini heatwave in May.

With plenty of sunshine and warmer climates to enjoy, the Met Office has said we can expect rising temperatures, of 18C and above, to last for at least nine days.

The South East and London are expected to reach the hottest temperatures - something much of the country have been looking forward to following a beautiful Easter weekend.

The Met Office has said: "Settled weather is likely to dominate for much of this period, bringing fine and dry conditions to many areas, especially in the south.

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"Temperatures are likely to remain above average, except nearer to the coast and perhaps in the far north, which may see slightly cooler conditions."

So when is the nine-day mini heatwave? And what temperature will it be in London? Here's the latest forecast information:

Blue striped deck chairs on a sunny pebble beach
Dry and sunny spells will last in London and the South East for around nine days. Picture: Getty

When is the nine-day mini heatwave?

Temperatures are expected to start rising as soon as May 5th and are predicted to stay that way for some time.

So far, forecasters have estimated the dry and warmer weather will last at least nine days, however, higher temperatures are still expected towards the end of the month.

The Met office said: "Into the second half of May lower pressure is more likely, bringing a change to more generally unsettled conditions, with spells of rain or showers for most.

"However, some drier spells are still possible in the south. Temperatures are likely to remain near or above normal throughout."

Hot and sunny green park in London
London and the South East will enjoy some of the warmest temperatures. Picture: Getty

How hot will it be during the London heatwave?

The mini heatwave is predicted to bring temperatures of 18C and above. It's also likely we'll see highs of 21-22C in London for a few consecutive days.

The rest of the UK are also expected to enjoy above average temperatures for this time of year.