Social Media

Social Media

Putin's Twitter profile is one of many that has been restricted by the social media site

Putin's Twitter profile restricted in website's crackdown on Kremlin accounts

2 months ago

A fierce, and pointless, debate is raging over whether there are more wheels or doors in the world

Bizarre debate over whether there are more wheels in the world or doors takes internet by storm

3 months ago

Former employee turned Facebook whistleblower Frances Haugen has told MPs the social media site is dangerous for teenagers.

Facebook and Instagram 'allow bullying to follow children home', whistleblower claims

8 months ago

Mark Zuckerberg is reportedly set to announce the change next week

Facebook set to get new name in major rebrand

8 months ago

The tools are intended to prevent abuse on the social media platform.

Instagram launches new tool to protect users against abusive messages from trolls

10 months ago

Sasha Attwood faces online abuse every day.

Jack Grealish's girlfriend receives '200 death threats a day' from teens

11 months ago

Boris Johnson will meet social media companies to discuss cyber abuse

PM to meet with social media companies to discuss online abuse

11 months ago

Twitter has deleted more than 1,000 tweets after some England footballers were the targets of racist abuse on social media

Twitter deletes over 1,000 racist tweets after Euro final

11 months ago

A Twitter search for videos and pictures of the health secretary showed no results

Twitter users speculate amid mystery over 'no results' for pictures or video searches for Matt Hancock

Ages ago

Culture Secretary Oliver Dowden brought forward proposals to tackle online abuse

Govt to impose sanctions on social media bosses over harmful content inaction

Ages ago