The school has said pupils can wear skirts in summer.

School brings in rules which mean in hot weather boys can wear skirts but not shorts

2 days ago

Nick Fletcher made the comments in a letter to schools in his constituency,

Trans children going through 'nothing more than a phase', says Tory MP

12 days ago

An art teacher defended letting her students pose semi-naked for a class project

Sacked teacher who let children pose topless for class insists it's 'art'

13 days ago

Thousands of new school places will be created as part of the Government's levelling up agenda.

Thousands more school and sixth form places to be created as part of levelling up agenda

20 days ago

Schools are being made to open for 32.5 hours a week

Schools ordered to open for at least 32.5 hours a week so children don't 'miss out'

3 months ago

Pupils who fail GCSE maths or English will be barred from receiving student loans.

Pupils who fail GCSE maths or English could be barred from receiving student loans

4 months ago


War on woke in the classroom: Teachers banned from discussing 'contested' political topics

4 months ago

Schools have been given advice to be more gender neutral

Scrap use of 'Sir' and 'Miss' and adopt gender-neutral language, teachers told

4 months ago

Katharine Birbalsingh insisted strict uniform codes are needed

Social mobility tsar: Pupils will bring knives to school if you don't enforce uniform code

5 months ago

Children are being asked to wear masks in the classroom again.

Schoolchildren told to wear masks in classrooms in bid to stop spread of Omicron

5 months ago