The military have been deployed to assist in hospitals in London

Troops deployed to London hospitals amid Omicron crisis but numbers are 'encouraging'

20 days ago

Paramedic releases shocking video showing reality of Covid staff shortages affecting NHS

Paramedic releases shocking video showing how Covid staff shortages are affecting NHS

21 days ago

The Care Minister has told the public to call an ambulance if they need urgent medical attention

'If you have a heart attack call 999, not a minicab' says Care Minister

22 days ago

The NHS will text booster vaccine reminders to more than 600,000 people this week.

'Jabby new year': NHS to send hundreds of thousands more texts in fresh booster plea

1 month ago

A new drug for peanut allergies will be given to children in England

'Life-changing' peanut allergy drug to be to be given to UK children

1 month ago

The NHS worker is "incandescent" with anger.

NHS worker 'incandescent' with rage over aides joking about No10 Christmas party

1 month ago

Three women have shared their stories, urging pregnant women to get their Covid jabs.

Mums share harrowing stories of Covid pregnancies to encourage people to get jab

1 month ago

Funding is being released to hospitals across England.

NHS receives £700m boost to tackle growing backlogs and 'tough' winter ahead

1 month ago

Anas Sarwar urged MSPs to show they had “no confidence in the leadership” of the board – but Nicola Sturgeon’s SNP voted against the motion.

SNP refuses to sack hospital board after two child deaths

1 month ago

Hundreds of thousands fewer referrals for suspected cancer were made by GPs in England during the pandemic

NHS backlog: Up to 740,000 'urgent' referrals for suspected cancer 'missed' during Covid

1 month ago