The reality of what's happening in care homes right now

29 April 2020, 14:38

By Adrian Sherling

We've all heard that care homes are in a troubling state during the coronavirus scandal - but this caller's example of what's happened to her brother in his care home really stopped listeners in their tracks.

As the government is set to announce deaths from coronavirus in care homes for the first time alongside deaths in hospitals, Darren wanted to hear from people with experience of what is actually happening inside care homes.

That's when Julia called in from Camberwell to talk about her brother.

She received a call from the management of the care home, saying that if her brother contracted Covid-19, they would not resuscitate him and would not take him to hospital. He would simply go down as a death in the care home.

That really shocked her and she admitted to crying all night after the call.

Julia's call on care homes really stopped listeners in their tracks
Julia's call on care homes really stopped listeners in their tracks. Picture: PA

And her story really touched a lot of LBC listeners - who saw it as a real glimpse inside what is happening with care homes at the moment.

Hear the call at the top of the page.

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